Hi, I’m Josh Adkins. I currently work as a Research Assistant with Prabal Dutta and Lab11 at the University of California Berkeley, where I just started as a first year PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I recently won an NSF GRFP Fellowship.

My research focuses on creating and interacting with small, low-power embedded systems. I have looked into securing mobile interactions between people and embedded systems in the Monoxalyze project, which works with a smartphone to provide a keychain-sized smoking cessation compliance mechanism; a paper on the topic appeared at ACM SenSys 2016. I have also worked on lowering the bar to casually interacting devices by collaborating on Summon, a web browser for physical devices, working to create a miniature, solar powered Bluetooth beacon called Cinamin, and proposing an idea to discover and communicate with devices sitting on the same surface using the vibratory motors commonly found in mobile phones to transmit vibrations and accelerometer to receive the vibrations.

A lot of my work has involved Bluetooth Low Energy. Monoxalyze, Summon, and Cinamin have all used BLE, and I have also created a 0.5 in2, drop-in, BLE module called Nucleum that makes it easy to integrate BLE into new designs.

Currently I am working on a project to build and deploy energy-harvesting, city-scale sensors that will be attached to signposts. This allows for city-scale sensing and control without the modification or addition of infrastructure, which is often a hindrance to large sensor deployments.